Consulting Services in Boston

The management team at SHS has over 50 years of combined experience in the hospitality industry. Through this time we have seen what works, what doesn’t work and how to make the right adjustments when the level of service at your property is not exceeding the expectations of your guests. SHS consultant teams will dissect service, financials and the overall efficiency of your existing operation. Once we have identified areas of improvement we will work with your management team to deploy our solutions.


  • Employee Training Action Plans
  • Employee Job Description Evaluation
  • Staffing Action Plans
  • Communication Assessment


  • Necessities Assessment
  • Technology Needs?
  • Staffing Needs?
  • Garage Needs?
  • Transportation Needs?
  • Design, Develop & Rollout New Shuttle Operation
  • Design, Develop & Rollout New Valet Operation
  • Research & Develop Operation Procedures


  • Financial Audits
  • Setup Financial Communication
  • Research & Develop Revenue Streams
  • Profit And Loss Analyzing
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Competitive Rate Survey

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